Two-Factor Authentication Now Available with Beyond Nines Hosting for Blackbaud® Software

Hacking scandals and data security glitches have made headlines in recent months. In response, companies have enhanced security for accessing cloud-based data and services. From your Citi account to Google, most logins now push for at least two-levels of security.

Yet many nonprofits, universities and foundations that use Blackbaud® software such as The Raiser’s Edge® or NetCommunity™ have yet to address this risk. With gift officers on the road and employees telecommuting from home or even the coffee shop, many opportunities exist for password-only authentication to be compromised.

In response, Beyond Nines, an independent hosting provider for Blackbaud® software, will now offer two-factor authentication for clients through Windows Multifactor Authentication Service. Once two-factor authentication is implemented, users will go through a simple two-step login process:

1. Enter username and password via Remote Desktop per usual
2. Answer your phone at a predetermined number and press # sign to verify identity

The additional “factor” takes about 10 seconds and happens only when the user first logs in. If a user workstation is locked due to inactivity, only the password is required to log back in. Each user can have a backup phone number which is called when there is no answer at the primary number.

There are many customizable options available. For instance, access from trusted locations such as the main office could be “whitelisted” so that two-factor authentication would only be required for users who are remote.

Hosting customers who choose to add two-factor authentication to their Beyond Nines hosting services for Blackbaud® software can purchase 10-user bundles. Beyond Nines will manage all licensing and implementation.


Multi-factor authentication increases the level of security through each additional layer or factor. Examples of possible factors:

  • Something you know: A password or answer to a question.
  • Something you have: An ATM card, a phone or smart card.
  • Something you are: Biometric data such as an eyescan, fingerprint, etc.


Beyond Nines specializes in hosting Blackbaud® software. We are the only third-party hosting provider with proven expertise hosting Blackbaud® software and Blackbaud®-integrated products. Beyond Nines offers limitless possibilities for customization – most at no additional cost. Fusion Labs, Omatic Software, Dropbox, PowerPlan, SAP Crystal Reports and Zeidman Development are just a few examples of third-party companies with purpose-built applications to enhance and extend the capabilities of your Blackbaud® software that we fully support in your hosting environment. A few of the highlights of our hosting offering:

  • Your own private virtual servers on our VSphere Enterprise Plus private cloud
  • Ultra-fast 10-gigabit network fabric and flash-enhanced Tintri SAN storage
  • Internap MIRO route optimization across more than 10 independent backbone providers
  • PCI DSS compliant verified by Qualys
  • 100% uptime SLA verified by independent third-party monitoring service
  • Secondary data center in Seattle, Washington with 24-hour RPO and 24-hour RTO
  • Free temporary sandboxes for testing with the option for a permanent sandbox
  • Responsive and personal customer service with Blackbaud® software expertise

Beyond Nines is based in Seattle, Wash. and provides nonprofits with a full suite of professional services including consulting, web design and hosting of The Raiser’s Edge®, The Financial Edge®, and NetCommunity™. Beyond Nines serves a wide range of clients using Blackbaud® products, including arts and cultural organizations, educational institutions, religious communities and membership-driven nonprofits.

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