IDF/Connect’s SSO/Rest Solution Extends Your CA SiteMinder Perimeter into the Cloud

IDF/Connect today announces that it has obtained from CA Technologies validation for its SSO/Rest solution for CA SiteMinder®. SSO/Rest opens up exciting new capabilities for SSO infrastructures based on CA SiteMinder, including new integration methods and the ability to protect applications “in the cloud”.

The CA Validation program is designed to provide a standard process to verify technology partners’ integrated products. Specific criteria must be met including confirming a technology partners’ integrated solution correctly installs, configures, and performs as described by the technology partner.

Richard Sand, CEO of IDF/Connect, explains: “SSO/Rest extends the reach of CA SiteMinder into the cloud while preserving the full power of SiteMinder functionality. From the standpoint of the SiteMinder administrator, there is no difference between the application residing in the cloud and applications within the local data center. SSO/Rest effectively solves the challenges of Web Access Management for the cloud”.

The SSO/Rest solution is comprised of the SSO/Rest Gateway and SSO/Rest Agents. The SSO/Rest Gateway provides a complete HTTP REST-based interface to the SiteMinder API. The Gateway has been hardened and secured to safely provide enterprise SSO, authentication, session management, and access management over the Internet and to the public cloud.

The SSO/Rest Agents can be used in public cloud Infrastructure or Platform-as-a-Service environments in lieu of traditional CA SiteMinder agents, so that SiteMinder customers can use their existing SiteMinder infrastructure to manage these applications as if they were located on-premise.

SSO/Rest extends CA SiteMinder support to Web 2.0 and Mobile technologies and enhances its protection of Web 2.0 applications. SSO/Rest also provides richer “internal-facing” services which meet the needs of server-side applications needing a tight SSO integration.

Aaron Berman, CA security product advisor, adds: “Organizations today require maximum flexibility in their single sign-on and access management solutions to meet the changing needs of the enterprise demanded by application owners. SSO/Rest enhances the already flexible approach CA SiteMinder has taken to provide both loosely coupled and tightly coupled architectural solutions, allowing IT to continue to leverage and build upon their SiteMinder implementations with cloud, mobile and web 2.0 applications”

Additional Details:

  • SSO/Rest employs a flexible infrastructure, using standards-based components and technologies. It can be deployed in any J2EE servlet container (Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, Websphere).
  • SSO/Rest endpoints can be called by any browser or mobile rich-content framework, such as AJAX, Adobe Flex, and Microsoft Silverlight, It supports plain text, JSON, and XML payloads.
  • SSO/Rest supports the most current versions of SiteMinder, simplifying deployment of the solution. It has been tested with CA SiteMinder R12, and R12.5.
  • SSO/Rest is available for sale directly from IDF Connect or on CA’s Cloud Commons marketplace
  • You can read more about SSO/Rest on the IDF Connect website:,

Information on other IDFC add-ons and enhancements to SiteMinder can be found at, or contact IDF Connect at

About IDF Connect, Inc.

IDF Connect, Inc. is a software products and managed services company based in Wilmington, Delaware, that provides enterprise-grade Identity and Access Management products, solutions, and services engineered specially to provide a homogeneous coexistence of traditional “on-premise” Identity and Access Management technologies with the new Cloud-based infrastructure and applications. IDF/Connect is a member of CA Technologies Technology Partner Program.