China’s Kingsoft Cloud Group Launches New Cloud Services Suite

Kingsoft Cloud Group, a division of Chinese software firm Kingsoft, has launched a suite of cloud services that provides cloud hosting, cloud storage, file synchronization, and database hosting for developers, according to Chinese media reports.

Kingsoft president Wang Yulin told China Daily that the new Kingsoft cloud service platform provides advantages for security, gaming, and smart device industries.

New cloud-based storage application, Kingsoft Kuaipan Commercial, is designed to allow small and medium-sized businesses to store and share documents on multiple platforms including Windows, OS X, Android and iOS. Pricing starts at 125 yuan (about $20) per month.

The Kingsoft Cloud Platform, according to the company, also provides a platform for larger enterprises and cloud application developers.

Kingsoft Cloud Group has also collaborated with a local TV manufacturer and Xiaomi, a smartphone maker that also owns a stake in Kingsoft Cloud Group, to provide cloud storage to TV and mobile phone users. The company has also revealed a close relationship with Xiao router, and more partnerships, the company says, will be announced this year.

Kingsoft had previously launched cloud services geared towards enterprises, but also the free cloud storage service, Kuaipan Individual. Launched in 2011, Kuaipan Individual now has 40 million users. The company has said it plans to increase the storage room and bandwidth for users.

Yulin told China Daily that the Chinese cloud services market has enormous potential, and that it can accommodate multiple vendors. Indeed, as local cloud service providers like Aliyun (Alibaba’s cloud division) and foreign companies like Amazon enter the market by partnering with local infrastructure partners, China will likely have many cloud providers to choose from.