Cirrus Tech Joins ComputeNext Cloud Marketplace as Canadian Cloud IaaS Provider

Toronto-based cloud service provider Cirrus Tech has made its Infrastructure-as-a-Service services available through ComputeNext’s multi-cloud brokerage platform.

ComputeNext was one of the cloud brokerages featured in the last edition of WHIR Magazine, which essentially helps cloud consumers in the buying process by helping them pre-qualify cloud hosting providers and their specific services based on factors such as price, location, performance, networking capabilities, and service level agreements.

As of its latest announcement, Cirrus Tech’s cloud services such as servers, storage, and on-demand software can be found, procured and provisioned on ComputeNext’s platform via web portal and API layer.

Cloud consumers can now use Cirrus Tech IaaS through IT professionals looking for servers and storage in Toronto will now have access to Canadian IaaS located in three data centers in the Toronto area. Compute and storage resources from Cirrus Tech are available with a bonus discount rate for new Canadian availability zone users who activate before January 31st 2014 and a coupon code “CIRRUS” for $50 in free hosting or cloud storage.

With its inclusion in ComputeNext’s interoperable, multi-cloud abstraction layer, Cirrus Tech offers new capabilities, but it also makes it easier for customers to discover and connect with service providers that meet their needs. Partnerships like these are certain to play a significant role in the cloud selection process.