IDF/Connect’s SSO/Rest Solution Extends Your CA SiteMinder Perimeter into the Cloud

IDF/Connect today announces that it has obtained from CA Technologies validation for its SSO/Rest solution for CA SiteMinder®. SSO/Rest opens up exciting new capabilities for SSO infrastructures based on CA SiteMinder, including new integration methods and the ability to protect applications “in the cloud”.

The CA Validation program is designed to provide a standard process to verify technology partners’ integrated products. Specific criteria must be met including confirming a technology partners’ integrated solution correctly installs, configures, and performs as described by the technology partner.

Richard Sand, CEO of IDF/Connect, explains: “SSO/Rest extends the reach of CA SiteMinder into the cloud while preserving the full power of SiteMinder functionality. From the standpoint of the SiteMinder administrator, there is no difference between the application residing in the cloud and applications within the local data center. SSO/Rest effectively solves the challenges of Web Access Management for the cloud”.

The SSO/Rest solution is comprised of the SSO/Rest Gateway and SSO/Rest Agents. The SSO/Rest Gateway provides a complete HTTP REST-based interface to the SiteMinder API. The Gateway has been hardened and secured to safely provide enterprise SSO, authentication, session management, and access management over the Internet and to the public cloud.

The SSO/Rest Agents can be used in public cloud Infrastructure or Platform-as-a-Service environments in lieu of traditional CA SiteMinder agents, so that SiteMinder customers can use their existing SiteMinder infrastructure to manage these applications as if they were located on-premise.

SSO/Rest extends CA SiteMinder support to Web 2.0 and Mobile technologies and enhances its protection of Web 2.0 applications. SSO/Rest also provides richer “internal-facing” services which meet the needs of server-side applications needing a tight SSO integration.

Aaron Berman, CA security product advisor, adds: “Organizations today require maximum flexibility in their single sign-on and access management solutions to meet the changing needs of the enterprise demanded by application owners. SSO/Rest enhances the already flexible approach CA SiteMinder has taken to provide both loosely coupled and tightly coupled architectural solutions, allowing IT to continue to leverage and build upon their SiteMinder implementations with cloud, mobile and web 2.0 applications”

Additional Details:

  • SSO/Rest employs a flexible infrastructure, using standards-based components and technologies. It can be deployed in any J2EE servlet container (Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, Websphere).
  • SSO/Rest endpoints can be called by any browser or mobile rich-content framework, such as AJAX, Adobe Flex, and Microsoft Silverlight, It supports plain text, JSON, and XML payloads.
  • SSO/Rest supports the most current versions of SiteMinder, simplifying deployment of the solution. It has been tested with CA SiteMinder R12, and R12.5.
  • SSO/Rest is available for sale directly from IDF Connect or on CA’s Cloud Commons marketplace
  • You can read more about SSO/Rest on the IDF Connect website:,

Information on other IDFC add-ons and enhancements to SiteMinder can be found at, or contact IDF Connect at

About IDF Connect, Inc.

IDF Connect, Inc. is a software products and managed services company based in Wilmington, Delaware, that provides enterprise-grade Identity and Access Management products, solutions, and services engineered specially to provide a homogeneous coexistence of traditional “on-premise” Identity and Access Management technologies with the new Cloud-based infrastructure and applications. IDF/Connect is a member of CA Technologies Technology Partner Program.

Web Hosting Ideas That Are Easy To Use

What if you were able to find a host that gave you flexibility, saved you money, and provided great service? Compare the cost, features and benefits of each website hosting provider before choosing one. The information that follows should give you an idea if you’re getting a good deal for your money.

Most web hosts offer various add-ons in their packages, but the number of features may differ from one host to another. When comparing hosting services, you should make certain that you are making comparisons based on the specific features required by your website. You might like the price of one host, but then discover that the features you need require further funds to acquire.

Select several providers you are interested in, and keep their contact information. If your first choice turns out to be problematic, you’ll be able to move quickly without having to start your search from scratch.

Establish a list of everything you are looking for in a web host. Determine your business goals and needs, so that you can look at each host and decide if they will be able to help you meet them. This way, your decision won’t mistakenly be made based only on price; you will know that all your needs are being met.

Are you considering a free web-hosting company for a website? Back up everything on your site, since many free hosts don’t have backup services. You get exactly what you have paid for in this case. If there is a system failure or downtime, you may be stuck without any recourse if you site or certain files disappear.

Billing for web hosting services is correlated with the amount of visitors your site receives in a given time period. Will it be a flat rate? A rate dependent on the amount of traffic you get?

To ensure a safe website, it may be wise to pay a little extra to obtain the secure server certificate. You can add this button to your website so customers feel it is a more trustworthy website to visit.

To increase your overall profit margins, research the prices of the hosting companies gunning for your business. Web hosting costs vary from $2 to $50 a month or more, and many times, the cheaper services have better reliability. A higher price usually means more bandwidth, but this is not a guarantee that you will not have less downtime.

Free web hosts are available if you’re looking to save money. This does mean, however, that ads will be appearing on your site, and also your storage space will be limited too. If you want your site to look professional, though, stay away from free hosting.

Now you have the knowledge of how to judge providers of web hosting to determine if they offer what you require. Choosing the right provider will take some research and comparison. Use the tips above to expedite your search and find the website hosting service that can take your business to the next level.

Fundamental Website Marketing Advice To Make Your Business Grow

Affiliate marketing becomes more relevant as technology advances. Read this article to learn more about Web marketing and how you could develop a campaign that is adapted to your audience. Try out these hints to win with online marketing.

You must take advantage of every software and technology advancement in order to be successful in Online marketing. A company that fails to take advantage of the newest technology and trends may not appear competent or credible in the eyes of prospective customers. You should always be up-to-date and follow trends, or try starting trends yourself.

Offer a short-term incentive or promotion to boost your site’s PageRank. You will end up essentially buying a better PageRank, as other sites, such as deal collection sites and consumer watch sites, will link back to you. This is similar to a store selling a loss leader item to turn a profit later.

Start small when you are first setting out with marketing your product or service on a new website. Search engines will be more likely to overlook your site when it has a million or two indexed pages, than when it only has ten to twenty thousand.

Affiliate Marketing

A solid Affiliate marketing campaign will procure more buzz for your business and lead to additional opportunities for Affiliate marketing. It sounds a bit strange, but the basic idea here is to create a cycle of customers and a system wherein users search, find your business, buy your products, and then the cycle repeats.

Deciding how you want your website to progress can be a hard task. To start off, you need to narrow down all of your interests until you find the one you enjoy the most. It is best to pick a niche that you know about, and that you enjoy. Having a definite goal will make marketing your site a lot easier.

If you are good at creating an Ezine, it can be an on-going effective marketing technique where you can build a following with the people who subscribe to it. You can show your personality by adding photos of you along with your family and staff. Have fun with your articles by interjecting bits of humor or funny stories about your employees. Use a catchy subject line when you write the Ezine, in order to pique people’s curiosity. For instance, have the title refer to the fastest or simplest way to attain a certain goal.

For the most part, internet promotion is very similar to other forms of marketing except for the manner of delivering information. As an example, title tags may stop being a focus of search engines. If things get changed up, you should be willing to change your approach as well, like putting an effort into marketing via videos.

Popular Products

With a solid plan for internet promotion, you can already tell which of your products make you the most money. These should be your mainstays in drawing future sales. Come up with other items that can support and supplement your most popular products. The popular products then can boost sales for other products, and make more advertising unnecessary.

Web marketing really is not that complicated. If you utilize these tips, you will gain much success in your venture.

China’s Kingsoft Cloud Group Launches New Cloud Services Suite

manoncomputercloudKingsoft Cloud Group, a division of Chinese software firm Kingsoft, has launched a suite of cloud services that provides cloud hosting, cloud storage, file synchronization, and database hosting for developers, according to Chinese media reports.

Kingsoft president Wang Yulin told China Daily that the new Kingsoft cloud service platform provides advantages for security, gaming, and smart device industries.

New cloud-based storage application, Kingsoft Kuaipan Commercial, is designed to allow small and medium-sized businesses to store and share documents on multiple platforms including Windows, OS X, Android and iOS. Pricing starts at 125 yuan (about $20) per month.

The Kingsoft Cloud Platform, according to the company, also provides a platform for larger enterprises and cloud application developers.

Kingsoft Cloud Group has also collaborated with a local TV manufacturer and Xiaomi, a smartphone maker that also owns a stake in Kingsoft Cloud Group, to provide cloud storage to TV and mobile phone users. The company has also revealed a close relationship with Xiao router, and more partnerships, the company says, will be announced this year.

Kingsoft had previously launched cloud services geared towards enterprises, but also the free cloud storage service, Kuaipan Individual. Launched in 2011, Kuaipan Individual now has 40 million users. The company has said it plans to increase the storage room and bandwidth for users.

Yulin told China Daily that the Chinese cloud services market has enormous potential, and that it can accommodate multiple vendors. Indeed, as local cloud service providers like Aliyun (Alibaba’s cloud division) and foreign companies like Amazon enter the market by partnering with local infrastructure partners, China will likely have many cloud providers to choose from.

Expert Tips For Your Web Hosting Success

As more and more of our daily lives take place online, more and more people want to have their own websites. Regardless of why you decide to build your own site, you first need to learn some important factors about the concept of web hosting. This article can help you start.

Look into what add-ons and additional features that the different hosts offer. As you compare your options, you should also take into consideration the expected service levels and support for each of the most important features. For instance, one host may offer a low price package, but you can find you really have to get the higher priced package to get the feature you want.

Is shared or dedicated web hosting the best for your business? If your site is huge and complicated and you get a lot of viewers, shared hosting may inhibit your growth and advancement. You may be better off with dedicated hosting.

Research backup host sites when you find certain aspects of the web hosting services unfavorable. Thus, you will be able to make an informed decision when the need to change hosts becomes imminent.

Web Host

Lump-sum payments can save you money at a web host, but monthly payments give you more flexibility. You can’t predict what your business will be or what your host will do in the upcoming months. If your web host’s service goes down the toilet or you end up having your account closed for a breach of terms of service, you’ll lose out on what you’ve already paid.

You should make sure you choose a web page hosting service that gives you enough space to grow your site. Will you have the storage space to expand your website if needed? Gaining access to 100 MB of disk space should be sufficient for developing your site.

Depending on what kind of traffic and how much your site gets, is how web page hosting companies will charge you. You need to know how much it will cost you, a lot of places have flat rates or it can go up and down depending on your visits.

When looking at hosting packages with unlimited services, proceed with caution. A website hosting provider offering unlimited disk space, for example, could put limitations on the types of files you are allowed to upload and store. The unlimited bandwidth claims may actually be part of a tiered pricing system. Get all the information on these plans and don’t assume that unlimited is actually unlimited.

User Friendly

Look for web hosts that give a cPanel. A cPanel is quite user friendly and makes it simple for you to include popular applications on your site. These applications are usually user friendly and typically easy to install. As an added bonus, your website management will be much more efficient!

Hosting decisions can appear difficult, but this article should have helped you see that it is quite manageable. It’s a matter of taking what you’ve learned and putting it into action. Once you take this step, your blog or website will be better positioned for success.

SAP Expands Cloud Services, Data Center Footprint

serversSAP is making its Business Suite available via cloud as a subscription service, the company announced Tuesday. SAP also announced on Monday that it has established its first two data centers in the Asia Pacific region, which will help support its cloud offerings.

SAP plans to migrate customers to the cloud with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, citing McLaren, Schaidt Innovations and Levi Strauss as early adopters of the service. The company is offering its flagship product Business Suite, as well as Business Warehouse and the SAP HANA platform on a subscription basis, and delivering them in a private managed cloud environment.

SAP announced HANA Cloud Platform in March, so making its suite of business applications available via cloud is a continuation of SAP’s move into cloud services. That move includes a January decision to increase investment in cloud services and forecast higher revenues from them.

“Today is a significant step forward for SAP’s transformation, as we are not only emphasizing our commitment to the cloud with new subscription offerings for SAP HANA, we are also increasing the choice and simplicity to deploy SAP HANA,” said Dr. Vishal Sikka, member of the Executive Board of SAP AG, Products & Innovation. “In addition, we are expanding our global presence with a comprehensive in memory-centric data center plan, dramatically simplifying our customers’ IT landscapes.”

Prices are not included in the announcement, but will likely be comparable to rival Oracle, which has embraced cloud computing much more quickly, and to other cloud business app offerings, such as those offered by Netsuite and Salesforce.

SAP has also bolstered its migration services to help existing customers transition to the cloud and integrate cloud and on-premise services. Existing maintenance agreements for support and upgrade of migrated apps will be honored by SAP.

Previously, enterprises could subscribe to SAP HANA as a cloud service through partners Savvis or HP, which provide the hosting and in HP’s case the platform.

Free Charity Hosting from

Customer focused web hosting company, has announced a promise to offer free charity hosting to registered UK charities for the next ten years. The announcement comes as the Manchester-based hosting company reaches a ten year milestone in offering charities and non-profits free website hosting, which is essential for brand recognition, online donations and event promotion.

Established in 2000, has been offering free web hosting to registered UK charities and not for profit organisations, since 2004. The web hosting company currently services over 200 major charitable organisations in the UK with free of charge web hosting. These charities include:,, and

In addition to the gratis charity hosting, has also donated time and monies to various events and activities which encourage people to get involved online. This includes the sponsorship of MadLab in Manchester, the Blog North Awards, and the WordPress sanctioned events entitled WordCamp.

Commenting on the charity hosting offering, Technical Director at Daniel Foster commented, ” believes in conducting business in an ethical manner. As a result of this we aim to offer 1 per cent of our total hosting capacity free of charge to charities that are registered in UK. We’re proud that we have been supplying charities with free hosting for ten years now to help them with their website, as part of our corporate social responsibility, especially as it has now become increasingly important for charities to have a strong online presence.”

For further information on free web hosting for registered UK charities please visit:

About offers professional website hosting services for cost conscious web developers, online businesses and designers. The team of technical experts offers industry leading support and service coupled with a money back guarantee to ensure client satisfaction. Web hosting services offered include website hosting, WordPress hosting and VPS servers. The company is headquartered in central Manchester, England.

Enterprises Seek Multi-Cloud Approach to IT, Cloud Competition Remains Fierce: Report

rightscale-reportWith nearly all organizations running cloud applications or experimenting with Infrastructure-as-a-Service, larger enterprises remain cautious when it comes to cloud adoption and are looking for strategies for adopting cloud that incorporate varying combinations of public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

This is one of the key findings of the annual “State of the Cloud Survey” from cloud automation and control software provider RightScale. More than 1,000 organizations were surveyed, roughly a quarter of whom were companies with more than 1,000 employees.

Compared to smaller organizations that may be able to rely on a single public or private cloud to provide most of their IT needs, larger enterprises often have more complex requirements and see hybrid and multi-cloud implementations as an end goal. Among enterprise respondents, 74 percent have a multi-cloud strategy, and nearly half (48 percent) are planning for hybrid clouds.

Although more enterprises are adopting cloud solutions, only a little more than half of them have defined the business value they want to get from cloud initiatives or outlined their security policies. And even fewer enterprises have defined policies for choosing cloud services, made disaster recovery plans, or implemented cost management strategies.

This indicates that many enterprises may actually be moving forward with cloud services without necessarily being prepared.

However, the challenges of cloud security decline as cloud solutions mature and IT departments learn more about cloud security features and best practices.

Additionally, organizations are finding more benefits from being about to deploy different types of workloads in the cloud. Test and development applications are the most likely applications to be deployed on the cloud, followed by customer web apps, internal web apps, batch processing, and mobile apps.

Next-Gen IT: Cloud, DevOps, and Self-Service

According to RightScale’s report, cloud adoption is part of the next-generation corporate IT formula that includes cloud, self-service, and DevOps. Self-service allows end users to provision their own services and attempt to solve their own problems. DevOps is basically an approach to software development that increases collaboration between operations teams and developers.

The Public/Private Cloud Leaderboard

AWS continues to be the most popular public cloud among respondents with 54 percent of respondents currently running applications on it. The second most used cloud, Rackspace Public Cloud, was only used by 12 percent of respondents.


Public cloud adoption, however, is radically different between larger enterprises and smaller organizations. AWS remains in first place across both segments, but SMBs are more likely to use Rackspace or Google App Engine, and enterprises tend to use VMware vCHS and Azure.


Private cloud is even more competitive than last year, and IT departments still have a difficult decision to make between open-source solutions (ie. OpenStack) and proprietary solutions (ie. VMware). Compared to last year, OpenStack adoption went up while VMware vCloud Director showed declines. Still, VMware vSphere remains the most popular private cloud technology, followed by vCloud Director, Microsoft System Center, and OpenStack.

This year’s State of the Cloud Survey paints a picture of a cloud marketplace that’s gaining maturity, but IT departments are still confronted with difficult decisions about their cloud strategy.

Web Page Hosting Companies Are Tied To Your Online Success

You may be a total novice when it comes to running a website and not even know what “web page hosting” means. In its most basic form, website hosting refers to the concept of providing server space for sites to reside on. If you would like more information about choosing, maintaining or understanding website hosting, keep reading.

What types of sites does your hosting site offer? Most free hosting services offer only static web pages, meaning you won’t be able to script your own language. If you find yourself in need of a dynamic scripting page, you may need to find an affordable pay host instead.

Carefully review the reputation of companies that you are considering. Depending on the recommendations of one or two people can backfire, especially if those providing their opinions lack experience or have some kind of affiliation with the host they recommend.

Should you choose shared or dedicated hosting? If you run a large website with a lot of traffic, a shared server might limit you and lead to a lot of downtime. It is probably a good idea to look for a dedicated host.

Make a list of the things you are looking for before you begin shopping around for your web host. Take an honest look at what are features are essential for your business and then compare what services and features are part of the package from each host you are considering. Making this type of list will help you avoid making a decision based solely on one factor, such as price, rather than finding the best deal for your needs.

When looking at web page hosting packages with unlimited services, proceed with caution. For example, unlimited space plans often include fine print on the kinds of files that that space will support. Furthermore, unlimited bandwidth packages often have data management software on their servers, which can limit your transfer rate. Do your best to get as much as information as you can with regard to these kinds of plans. Don’t assume that unlimited actually means unlimited.

An easy way to find a great web hosting provider, is to look for companies that have received several awards. If a company has numerous hosting awards, for example, this can give you a good sense of the support and service they provide. While these may be faked, many sites have awards that were voted on by many visitors. Multiple awards suggest it is a hosting company you want to use. It’s always a good sign if a host has won a number of voter’s choice awards.

Choosing a good website hosting company can be a big advantage to business owners. With the information from this article, you are more knowledgeable about certain aspects of web hosting; use these guidelines to get the most from your provider.

RamSoft Partners With LogicPlus to Offer PowerServer Cloud in Asia-Pacific Region

RamSoft, a leader in RIS, PACS and Teleradiology software solutions, today announces their partnership with LogicPlus to offer cloud-based PowerServer RIS and PACS technology to key countries in the Asia-Pacific Region.

LogicPlus is an ICT Company based in Adelaide, SA, Australia with over a decade of systems experience, setting the benchmark for quality IT Managed Services Infrastructure delivery and customer service. They provide managed services to large and small companies in key industry sectors, including medical, and have partnered with RamSoft to represent PowerServer Cloud exclusively in Australia and New Zealand. Logic Plus will also represent PowerServer Cloud non-exclusively in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

PowerServer Cloud is a fully hosted, pay-per-use model for RamSoft’s feature-rich PowerServer RIS and PACS platforms. It is scalable and offers unlimited freedom so that radiology practices of all sizes can customize the solution to meet their current and future needs. LogicPlus will provide the hosting platform and IT support for radiology businesses that want to transition to fully digital workflow built on a single database without the added costs of maintaining their own IT infrastructure.

According to Marilyn Solano, director of sales and marketing for RamSoft, finding a solid ICT company to support RamSoft’s cloud-based model was vital to increasing sales and growth in the Asia-Pacific region. “LogicPlus possesses a high level of expertise in providing managed services to the medical industry,” says Ms. Solano. “We are confident our partnership will herald in a new era of radiology workflow management for radiology-based businesses in Australia, New Zealand and other countries in the region.

Jason Nagy, Managing Director of Logic Plus added “RamSoft provides a software that is mature enough to handle a large-scale enterprise, and young and agile enough to set the tone in the demanding market of Radiology”… “By coupling RamSoft’s single-database, 100% web-based technology with our high availability data center, we will be able to improve the workflow and business processes for many radiology practices.”

ABOUT LogicPlus:

LogicPlus Pty Ltd is an Adelaide, South Australia based IT services provider enjoying steady growth over the 10 years since it was established. Today Logic Plus provides: Hosting and Managed Service Solutions via its own internal infrastructure and external partner data centres, bespoked software application development, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Sophos Network/End User/Server Protection, Cloud Based RIS/PACS SaaS, system maintenance, 24x7x365 support desk services with a medical sector focus. For more information, visit us at

ABOUT RamSoft:

RamSoft, Inc., a Canadian IT software and services company with over 19 years of experience, is dedicated to developing and delivering cost effective RIS, PACS and Teleradiology solutions for its clients in the U.S. and around the world. The company’s goal is to enable imaging facilities, radiology centers, and ambulatory and acute-care practices to continue offering superior patient care while improving workflow efficiencies. RamSoft, Inc. offers a wide range of affordable and feature-rich solutions such as the PowerServer™ Series of PACS, RIS/PACS, teleradiology, and patient information management systems.